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Authors: AikoPL, SecretLaser

-text- means character says it in their mind

In the City of Vale; one of the students of the academy named Wildcard (OC), spying on Ruby's team by binoculars, observes them from tall building in town.
Blake notices the reflected light from binoculars, and starts suspecting something. She secretly lets know Yang about her discovery, hoping that observer won't suspect anything.

Wildcard: They are not suspecting a thing, sir... *said via radio to Principal* So far their mission is a small tiny success...

Yang: Yeah Blake, observer. And so what? He is not interrupting; so let's focus on our quest  *loads her gauntlets*
Blake: What if there's a trap in our 'mission'?
Her answer was immediately interrupted...
Penny: Salutations!
Ruby: Aaaa, Penny how did U find us!?
Penny: I think U should worry more about that spy on the tower right in front of us...
Weiss: Wait, what did U say?

Wildcard immediately changed position, using his adaptation to environment, that makes him almost invisible.

Yang: Hey girls, this is another mission which principal assigned us to and told us that "There may be an observer sent by me; he will check your progress and eventually rate it, however, if you're going to fell into troubles, he will help...". Weren't you listening...? *knocks in their heads*
Ruby: Eeeeehehe....
Weiss: -I was...-
Blake: -Why this seems to odd to be true?-
Penny: I would still keep an eye on him/her... So, what's kind of mission is it?

Meanwhile on the edge of town, hordes of Beowolfes appeared, attracted to smells of fish and chips, famous in town.

Yang: Okay, time's up! We have a welcoming company! *points at forest* If they will reach the town, what amount of fish and chips will stay for us! Sigh, I like them ;~;.  After you, Ruby!

Meanwhile Wildcard silently sneaked up, pulled out his 5-7 handguns with extended clips. Both of his eyes, [one red, one blue] glowed as both handguns clicked ready to fire.
Wildcart: -I should find some cover, just in case-

Ruby: Yang, Blake U two go cover the West side, I'll go with Weiss to the East side...
Penny: I want to help too!
Ruby: It can be dangerous Penny!
Penny: Don't don't You worry my friend, I'm combat ready!
Ruby: Well, then U could go and secure...
Ruby stopped as her ears got attracted by familiar voices.

Jaune: Ahh, we've lost them again...
Ren: I'm sure they'll be fine.
Jaune: Hey Ruby; what's up? Oh and who are You...?
Penny: I'm Penny, pleasure to meet You!
Weiss: Jaune, You always get in the middle of trouble; look there's no time for kinky talking now!
Jaune: I don't understand...
Ren: -I sense dark energy-
Ruby: Sorry Jaune no time to explain, would U be so nice to help us?
Jaune: Sure, I won't say no...
Ruby: Great! Go with Penny and Ren to the main gate and protect it from monsters entering in!
Penny: Roger that!
Jaune: Oh great...  -I hoped for different kind of helping-

As front gates where protected by another team; Ruby's Team encountered Beowolfes.

Yang: Come to me, I want to show you my warm welcome! 
Blonde well build girl charged at them and sent them flying up in the air.

Meanwhile Wildcard makes short notes about actions, killing off few Beowolfes without even looking at them at the same time. 
Wildcard: Yep...they missed small pack... *chuckled*

While the East team does its job very good (actually Ruby kills most of the Beowolfes as she's used to fight them), West team is having slight troubles...

Blake: -U think U can catch me, try!-
Yang: Hey, stop trying to bite me! I'm not Your food!
Blake: Yang, they are Beowolfes they don't care...
Yang: yeah, what ev... 
One of Beowolfs hits Yang; as she sees her hair strand in the air, well I guess we all know what happens next...

Blake: Hey don't leave me alone! -Damn it!-
Yang: You monsters!!!
Wildcard: Losing temper...oh, another one... 
Whispered, killing another Beowolf.

When Yang calmed down a bit she noticed she got bit far away from Blake, so she run back to help her.

Yang: Bake!!!
Blake: What's up?
Yang: Eeeee, sorry about getting away, wait, WTH happened here!?
Blake: Oh, I just showed them what I'm really capable of...
Yang: Ok; but just while ago we were struggling...?
Blake pointed at the bow on her head.
Yang: Oh, I think I get it, well why U didn't take it off before? -And now she has it on again, weird-
Blake: Let's just say I don't like other to look at me without my bow.
Yang: Ooook... Shall we get back to Ruby and Weiss?
Blake: I think we should, we are done here.

To be continued...

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